Social Media Pilot (Clarington Zone Hockey)

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Social Media Pilot
The CZHA will be conducting a social media pilot beginning in December 2018. The initial platform used will be an official Twitter account (@ClaringtonZone). For the purposes of this pilot, we will use the social media guidelines (house rules and response plan) as noted below. These guidelines will be reviewed and finalized during the following annual general meeting, at which time we may expand our social media presence. Questions about the CZHA social media accounts and guidelines should be forwarded to the CZHA Director of Communications ([email protected]).

Social Media House Rules
The CZHA appreciates your leaving comments, photos, and videos; however, we will review all comments and remove anything deemed inappropriate. External links will be removed. Comments posted do not represent the opinions of the CZHA.

Social Media Response Plan
The CZHA social media accounts will be jointly monitored by the CZHA Chair and CZHA Director of Communications. Comments will generally be responded to as follows:

Type of Comment Description Example General Response
Positive Any comment that's favourable. "My son's experience playing with the Toros was awesome!" A simple like, response of "Thanks!", and sharing internally with our team.
Neutral A comment that's neither good nor bad. "Hockey really is Canada's game!" If time permits, engage in a conversation. 
Negative - Respond A negative comment of a genuine concern. "The lineup to register at tryouts took forever!" Acknowledge the issue, apologise, and then act to resolve it.
Negative - Ignore A negative comment by a "troll" (a deliberate trouble-maker). "Why do people even bother playing hockey these days? Soccer is so much cheaper and they get just as much exercise." Trolls generally crave attention, so the best approach is to ignore them (i.e. "don't feed the trolls").
Negative - Remove This comment is offensive, malicious, spam, or otherwise breaches the CZHA house rules. "My coach is an <expletive>." Remove the comment. We may choose to warn or block the offender. Enforce expectations and set the tone for the community.
 Crisis These are comments that have legal or criminal ramifications. Threats of violence, breach of confidentiality, defamation, etc. Screenshot the comment, then escalate to the CZHA executive and authorities as necessary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The CZHA is a committee of volunteers, and does not have dedicated staff to monitor social media accounts. Best efforts are made to monitor social media accounts periodically, and to respond according to these established guidelines based on interpretation of comments.

Code of Conduct - Acceptable Online Behaviour
The CZHA is currently reviewing amendments to the current player, parent, and coaching code of conducts to address issues associated with online behaviour. These amendments will be based on resources provided by the Hockey Canada and Prevnet. Anyone who would like to comment on this effort is encouraged to contact the CZHA Director of Communications ([email protected])

The CZHA would like to acknowledge the sources we reviewed/consulted in developing our social media guidelines:
  • PC Tracey Weightman, Youth Officer, Durham Regional Police Service
  • Hockey Canada